As an addition to our brand, we’re designing and producing products under our own management. It’s a growing selection of items, designed by us without compromising or adjusting to anything, but the natural laws and our own visions. A number of rare and outstanding objects, nonsuitable for traditional mass-production. These products we call our artefacts.

About our Artefacts

The meaning and understanding of the word “artefact“ are explained as:
The effect or product, being transformed and touched by the hands of humans.

All of these products are very thoroughly designed. Every part, even the smallest screw, serves a purpose in our creations. Therefore we sought out a number of artisans and craftsmen. Highly skilled and trained within their own areas, all located in Sweden. Craftsmen who share our vision and are able to explore the limits and capacity of our design. All of the products are made by human hand, from the first touch of our pen to the hand who carved the stone, formed the clay, or blew the glass, into sculptures.

We feel an urge of expressing the pure state of mind. The design should always be clean, straight, speak for itself, but also have a space for allowing the playful act in every step of the process. To let the materials reflect their true values on the whole product, giving them a higher-quality level, where the design breathes an elegance only the truly pure can radiate. By giving every individual item the process it deserves, we have the belief that our products will contain and hold an imperishable essence.

What we’ve discovered along the way, is that straight, timeless, and pure design lasts longer. When all the nonessential and momentary trends are peeled off to benefit the amusement in true shapes and states. That is when it gets intimate and interesting for real. 

Every artefact is marked by an individual number and the items are made on demand for you exclusively. This means that every artifact is unique and solely the only one of its own you’ll ever find.