In the heart of Bo01, Västra Hamnen in Malmö, Viktor Erlandsson Studio took on the challenge of transforming Packhus 1 on Salongsgatan into an updated, timeless, and somewhat more playful version of itself. The project involved a complete redesign of the interior of the building constructed in 2001, aiming to create a welcoming and functional environment that respects its original character while introducing innovative design elements.

Through close collaboration with the client and with great attention to detail, a unique concept was developed that combines traditional materials with contemporary design. Every choice, from color schemes to furnishing, was made with precision to ensure a harmonious balance between the old and the new.

Salongsgatan now stands as a shining example of how to merge the charm of the past with contemporary design, creating an inspiring environment for both visitors and residents. The project showcases our studio’s ability to look beyond the obvious and deliver solutions that not only appeal to the eye but also enrich the daily lives of its users.

Photographer: Mathilda Werngren