Artefact No 2

Side table combining the materials of black steel and diabase. Manufactured by artisan Kullaro.

This smaller table copies the interesting attributes from Artefact No 1, based on the same design just turned upside down. Its design also manages to conquer the balance between the pillar of stone and its steel construction, to keep the solid and heavy, yet slim and elegant look. The architectural influences are strong and provide two levels to be used.

This artefact is made of diabase found in the southern parts of Sweden, which is the highest quality in the whole world. The work being put in, to create this, is something special in itself. This to assure the quality and perfection this item will contain when it’s finished. This rare type of stone is heavy and dark with great depth. The chosen finish is matte, yet interestingly reflective.

Ø 400 H 650mm

Price from: 44 000 SEK

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About diabase:
“Diabase (Hyperite Diabase)- is an exclusive, beautiful and fascinating rock, as rare as it is difficult to access. It was formed during enormous volcanic eruptions from the earths´ inner core approximately 900-1500 million years ago, as molten magma was forced upwards towards the earths´ surface through narrow cracks in the parent rock.

Only in a few places did it reach the surface. The Diabase found and quarried in north-eastern Skåne/ Sweden is unique in its deep black colour, its density and durability. Diabase quarrying dominated this area and the lives of its people for over a hundred years, and has left huge, dramatic pits in the landscape.

The Diabase from Lönsboda and the quarries Duvhult, Hägghult and Gylsboda is considered to be the absolute premier in Diabase and the most beautiful around. Flexible, formable and according to us, simply wonderful.” – Kullaro