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Stockholm and Skåne based design firm formerly known as Straight Design Studio, now renamed to Viktor Erlandsson Studio. A transformation signifying the natural progression for the studio, which now considers its founder and his enduring commitment to his work with timeless design and authentic storytelling.

For over a decade, the studio has passionately crafted innovative design solutions in the fields of design and architecture. The name change, while symbolic, encapsulates the essence of the studio’s work by simplifying the brand identity and bringing it closer to its founder, Viktor Erlandsson. The change reflects the studio’s focus on clarity, simplicity, and sincerity in its design philosophy. By adopting the founder’s name, the studio aims to strengthen its connection with clients and emphasise the personal approach.

The portfolio of Viktor Erlandsson Studio showcases a diverse range of collaborations, encompassing projects with respected design brands along with private and commercial cases. The studio is recognized for its steadfast dedication to product design, where the essence exists in obvious shapes and traditional materials but with great attention to details. Bringing this same philosophy to create captivating interior spaces, covering both residential and commercial environments.

The studio’s design philosophy revolves around creating objects that not only appeal to the eye but also resonate with the soul. Viktor Erlandsson believes in the power of storytelling through design, where every product carries an authentic essence and history. This perspective forms the foundation of the studio’s mission to craft timeless objects that endure beyond transient trends. Blending aesthetics with functionality, the recent collaboration with Alwares resulted in a collection of plates that reimagines the very essence of dining. A harmonious composition of culinary artistry, where each plate stands as a unique piece, meticulously crafted to enhance your gastronomic experiences.

The name change is not a rebranding but a continuation of the studio’s story, remaining dedicated to its core value of creative authenticity.

Viktor Erlandsson Studio
Västmannagatan 47
113 25 Stockholm, Sweden

Beauty and meaning often consist of what we consider to be pure, found in authentic,simple, unique and organic forms. We can find courage in the naked and natural state, where everything nonessential is peeled off.

These are the ambitions and beliefs we seek to work towards and achieve at Viktor Erlandsson Studio.

Creative Director
Viktor Erlandsson

Art Director
Drummond Madison