Old News

What is the lifespan of a novelty? Does a new item make us essent, and is essentially only measurable in news? Our philosophy is that every object we initiate should be experienced as relevant yesterday and today as it will be tomorrow and all our time to come.

During Stockholm Design Week in September 2022, we wanted to bring new light to some of our old products. With the help of photographer Mathilda Werngren, the objects were placed in a fictional context where they were visualised in a ritual place in life.

The feeling of remembering and being reminded of something we value from the past. This arouses a different kind of emotions than those that satisfy us in the moment. The vision of the frozen reality becomes like a document of time in our mind.

Something permanent in contrast to the replaceable causes the timeline to blur, but the feeling remains. The ether around the object changes in symbiosis with our everyday routines and existence.

Photographer: Mathilda Werngren