New Artefacts – Expanding Horizons With Elegance

The creative journey of Artefacts by Straight Design Studio continues to unfold, introducing two new drinking glasses that pay homage to the classic bistro aesthetic while infusing their signature twist. Inspired by the allure of European bistros and crafted with the studio’s hallmark ingenuity, these new additions embody a harmonious blend of tradition, distinctive design, and charm.

Echoing the studio’s philosophy of embracing the unexpected, the new pieces exemplify a blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair. Drawing inspiration from a whimsical scenario where Scandinavian sensibilities intertwine with the vibrancy of the South of Europe, each glass emerges as a love child of styles – a rendezvous between the conventional and the decadent, the Northern and the Southern.

Meticulously designed to allow the material’s inherent magic to come to life, these Artefacts showcase a delicate interplay between fluid, organic shapes and straight profiles. The masterful touch of artisan Kristin Larsson brings these designs to life, expertly crafting each piece into a unique and rare form.

The higher glass boasts a transparent bowl that captures the essence of its content, harmonizing with the natural colors and aesthetics of the beverage it cradles. The round, modest bowl shape stays true to the essence of South European bistro glasses, while the intricate mouth-blown foot adds an extra layer of luxury. The extended stem evokes a playful and exquisite appearance, capturing the fragility and grace of the glass.

Its counterpart, the lower glass, exudes a more playful and crooked demeanor. The elegant yet rustic silhouette of a pink bowl conceals the beverage within, presenting a charming contrast to the delicate transparent bulb resting on a black foot. This glass, a sturdy yet captivating companion, stands out with its unique charm and captivating roundness.

Straight Design Studio celebrates raw, essential design, channeling courage and playfulness into every creation. With an innate appreciation for the beauty found in imperfections, these Artefacts honor a rich tradition while injecting a contemporary spirit. A blend of quality, timeless elegance, and genuine expression defines these masterpieces, inviting you to indulge in a potion of authenticity and artistry.