Chest No 1 – Alwares

Inspired by the historic hope chest, Chest No. 1 designed by Viktor Erlandsson Studio for Alwares, is a design that delves into the profound relationship between storage and the cherished items it holds. This creation, born from sketches nearly a decade ago, challenges the notion of storage as a mere utilitarian necessity.

Traditionally, the chest served as a multifunctional piece—an item of storage, a table, or even seating. In revisiting this age-old concept, we discovered that the chest’s versatility had been overshadowed by a modern perception that labeled it as cumbersome and outdated. We sought to restore its pride, transforming it into a contemporary masterpiece.

Chest No. 1 embodies timeless design principles, merging form and function in a way that resonates with modern sensibilities. Conceived for Alweres, this captivating creation transcends the ordinary. It is not just furniture; it is a vessel of stories, a contemplative space.

Crafted by skilled carpenters in Sweden, Chest No. 1 is a deliberate design, inviting engagement in a ritual of opening and exploration. The lid, gracefully beveled and lifted entirely, encourages a pause for consideration, transforming the act of accessing its contents into a meaningful moment.

Viktor Erlandsson Studio’s vision is manifested in the intentional details—the natural handle formed by the graceful beveling of the lid’s edges. This deliberate touch elevates the mundane, turning everyday items into treasures to be cherished.

The warmth of cherry wood veneer and the careful consideration of form contribute to the chest’s inviting presence—a harmonious blend of sharp lines softened by the inherent grace of the wood. Versatile and adaptable, Chest No. 1 finds its place in the ebb and flow of living spaces, serving as seating, storage, or a small coffee or side table.

It’s not merely furniture; it’s a dialogue with tradition, an exploration of craftsmanship, and an invitation to reimagine the ordinary. Chest No. 1 transcends physical dimensions, becoming a reservoir of memories, aspirations, and the beauty of the everyday—a timeless piece ready to be passed through generations.

Sold exclusively via Alwares.