Five Decades of Carpets – Stoddard

In conjunction to Stoddards 50 years anniversary, Straight Design Studio was asked to design a jubilee collection of rugs. The result is a sober and simple, yet playful collection that communicates the past years lined with fun anecdotes from the family company’s history with their craftsmanship.

For five decades, Stoddard has provided both Sweden and Europe with specially adapted carpets. The company, which was founded in 1972 by Anders Falkman, has many stories to tell, but a broken hand, Titanic, a royal wedding and a great deal of curiosity, together with a lot of love for the craftmanship have played a big role in shaping Stoddard to what they are today. With its heart in its own studio, located in central Stockholm, the limitations for Stoddard are very small.

The new collection consists of five rugs which are inspired by and symbolize the five decades during which Stoddard has been active. Straight Design Studio used graphic patterns, techniques and events from the past 50 years as the foundation for the new collection. 70s tartan patterns, 80s runners, 90s fluffy poodle qualities, the Swedish Crown Princess’ wedding and creative collaborations with designers and architects.

The work continued on site in Stoddard’s studio by combining the different qualities and colors. The color scheme is cream, pink and blue with dark contrasts where the patterns are further enhanced by the length and gloss of the different qualities. It was important for Straight Design Studio to use the tactile differences that the materials possess and reinforce these towards each other. The rug is a product that invites both physical and visual interaction and those experiences are highly valued.

Photography: Mathilda Werngren