Format – Ceannis

Collaboration between Ceannis and Straight Design Studio.

Pre-launched at boutique Stockholm in Hong Kong in July, to celebrate Ceannis´ 30th anniversary the collection Format was introduced – an urban take on bags, designed to fulfill the needs of today’s modern lifestyle.

Ceannis and Straight Design Studio have known each other for a long time and through conversations and discussions learned that they share several important values. When Ceannis wanted to create a new line and Straight Design Studio was looking at trying something new and create accessories, it was obvious for both parties that a collaboration should be made.

Ceannis solid expertise as a manufacturer of bags and accessories combined with Straight Design Studios’ desire for innovation and creating concepts became a hit. The collaboration resulted in a new line that differ from Ceannis other collections.

The collection consists of three bags with three different uses. The various models are based on different types of use, one for the small things that you always need to bring, one for the large portfolio and one for the computer. All of them with a focus on movement in an active and social life.

Photography: Mathilda Werngren