Krås – Designtorget

On a mission to create a timeless collection Straight Design Studio were asked by Designtorget to design a classic yet contemporary table top collection that would last year after year and with potential to expand.

The result is a modern celebration to one of Sweden’s oldest classics – the Höganäs pot / Höganäskruset, a true icon with origins back in the 18th century. Krås is a glass series which embrace the iconic silhouette of the historic container, now with contemporary features, designed to fulfill the needs of today’s modern lifestyle.

/ The design process started with questioning how the contemporary container should look and feel like to meet our most basic needs of today. Then we used certain visual features from Höganäskruset into account and created what we believe is a modern tribute. /

Sold exclusively by Designtorget.

Photographer: Mathilda Werngren
Stylist: Jessica Lagermann