Love Icons – Designgalleriet

Designgalleriet presents the exhibition Love Icons – an exhibition about association and symbols containing graphic form and three-dimensional interpretations in glass.

Together, Designgalleriet and Straight Design Studio have developed new symbols for a loving LGBTQ+ world.

The LGBTQ+ world has for a long time played with symbols to signal identity. Here are rainbows, queens, unicorns, bears and otters along others. The color of a handkerchief or the color combination of a rainbow flag has also been references to different identities. The first rainbow flag was created in 1977 by Gilbert Baker on behalf of Harvey Milk. The flag along with Milk’s iconic quote

– flags are about proclaiming power

was a kind of recognition that the world beyond the heterosexual norm actually exists.

This project is about creating and giving symbols to new groups and people who may need to be seen and have their own place and belonging in society. The symbols are created as pictograms and have further been reinterpreted as objects made of mouth-blown glass created in Gustavsberg. Designgalleriet has acted as client and curator, while Straight Design Studio has created its form.

The ten new symbols are:

Looking For Friends
Proud of Organisation
Curious Straight
Different Together
Sunday Horny
Couple With Pet
Throuple – SOLD
Old Queer
Supporter to a Fresh Out
Wine Hag – SOLD

Photography: Mathilda Werngren