Orb – Klong

A vase, produced by Swedish brand Klong, that is made from the inspiration of a wild flower and its fragility. The purpose was to create a private sphere to the flower as a protection as well as an exposure that adds to its value.

The vase is made of simple materials and is compressed to only two parts. The simplicity of form and materials enhances, rather than competes with the content. ORB lay the basis for a new kind of exposure space where the glass dome forms a protective sphere around the content of the vase while it is highlighted, and allowed to take place.

ORB is made of brass and glass and comes in two sizes, where the diameter of the dome is 40cm and 20cm. The larger vase is designed as a centerpiece for example the dining table, while the little vase fits perfectly in the window or on a sideboard.

Photography: Mathilda Werngren