Pile of Shit – Bedazzled

As the result of a collaboration between Straight and the jewelery brand Bedazzled, Pile of Shit was created. A collection of table top products that is supposed to evoke desire and curiosity. The products lack a certain application and creates through its contrasts between melted raw and polished machined brass, a chaotic yet highly stylish feel.

Pile of Shit is the thing you want but do not need. Hence the name.

2015 Bedazzled released the collection Meltdown, which was based on shapes created by melted brass. Bedazzled is characterized by large extravagant jewelry, often with a humorous undertone. Pile of Shit is definitely incused by this humor, but in a harmonious combination with Straights vision of products and their functionality.

A product doesn’t need to be, or be used the way you first believe. The sense of self to decide area of use is very satisfying.

Photography: Mathilda Werngren