The Plates Series – Alwares

The Plates Series is a harmonious composition of culinary artistry, a journey that reimagines the very essence of dining. Within this collection, each plate stands as a unique masterpiece, meticulously crafted to enhance your gastronomic experiences. Our philosophy centers on the notion that remarkable design is akin to storytelling, a narrative that allows you to connect with the soul of your culinary creations.

Born from a fascination with the elegance and playful balance inspired by the unpredictable nature of oysters, these plates are not mere tableware; they are designed to highlight the food they cradle, to serve as a stage for culinary artistry. With concavities and convexities thoughtfully incorporated, every plate in The Plates Series has been crafted with purpose, inviting diners to share an experience that transcends mere sustenance. It’s a celebration, a unique ritual that honors the moment, the dishes you share, and the company you keep.

Introduced by Straight Design Studio in 2020, two plates was conceived to enhance the user experience by offering plates meticulously designed to balance and position food in a playful and sophisticated manner. Since Alwares took the helm of production in 2022, the collection has evolved, keeping the essence of exceptional design and a commitment to continued development.

At the heart of this collection lies not just a philosophy but a partnership, a coming together of innovative design by Straight Design Studio and the visions of Alwares. The Plates Series is a testament to the marriage of creativity and artistry, handcrafted by Samir Dzabirov in Gustavsberg, near Stockholm. It’s a collaborative journey to explore the use of natural materials, emphasizing function and uniqueness, and celebrating limited editions and unique objects that add character to your personal spaces.

With two new additions inspired by Italian cuisine in 2023, The Plates Series adds dimensions to the collection. They’re not just plates; they’re stages for the presentation of culinary art, serving to elevate the raw ingredients or dishes they hold. The smaller pasta plate and the larger family plate, both based on a bowl with a distinctive protruding edge, provide new dimensions to your dining experience. They frame and capture what’s essential, turning each meal into an elegant ritual.

In The Plates Series, you don’t merely dine; you engage with a story told through design. Each plate is a chapter, a unique narrative in your culinary journey. You are invited to enjoy a symphony of flavors and design, where every dish finds its perfect stage. It’s an ode to artistry, a celebration of flavor, and an exploration of balance.

All plates are sold exclusively via Alwares.