Artefact No 14

Artefact No 14 exudes a more playful and crooked demeanor than the higher Artefact No 10. The elegant
yet rustic silhouette of a pink bowl conceals the beverage within, presenting a charming contrast to the delicate transparent bulb resting on a black foot. This glass, a sturdy yet captivating companion, stands out with its unique charm and captivating roundness.

Inspired by whimsical scenarios where Scandinavian sensibilities intertwine with the vibrancy of the South of Europe, each glass emerges as a love child of styles – a rendezvous between the conventional and the decadent, the Northern and the Southern.

Meticulously designed to allow the material’s inherent magic to come to life, these Artefacts showcase a delicate interplay between fluid, organic shapes and straight profiles. The masterful touch of artisan Kristin Larsson brings these designs to life, expertly crafting each piece into a unique and rare form.

Ø 80 H 95-105 mm

Price from: 700 SEK

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